nitsch and its double


Nitsch and his double is a two-part reflection on the current relevance of the Theater of Orgies and Mysteries, the Gesamtkunstwerk by the Viennese shareholder Hermann Nitsch.
There will be an exhibition of “Scribbles” [Kritzelzeichnungen] and an organ concert in situation performed live by Nitsch in the “Taumatropio”, the scenographic conformation that Atelier Montez will assume specifically for the event;

The event is conceived and curated by Gio Montez and produced by Atelier Montez in collaboration with the Austrian Culture Forum Rome and the Nitsch Foundation of Vienna.


7 pm
wine of honor
exhibition: Kritzelzeichnungen

7:30 pm
“Taumatropio” power up
live concert by Hermann Nitsch
Videoscreening: Action nr. 155, …

duration: ca. 1 hour
The event will be documented by the direction in direct audiovisual recording.

To participate in the event, it is necessary to reserve seats by contacting the Secretariat at [email protected] or by telephone during office hours.

The exhibition with the Kritzelzeichnungen and the screening of the Actions will be visible from 11/10/19 until 31/10/19. October 2019, every day except Mondays, from 18:00 to 22:00 or by appointment.

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