Charity auction with works AT AUCTION BASIS 0 €.
Atelier Montez, in collaboration with the Philippine Embassy in Rome and the Ducci Foundation, is organizing an “ARTISTS FOR PHILIPPINES” charity auction in favor of the Tacloban population hit by cyclone Haiyan.

The cyclone of last November 8, 2013 has, as known, caused over ten thousand victims and damaged hundreds of thousands of people, threatening their survival.

The funds raised from the sales will be used to finance the reconstruction program of the infrastructure damaged by the cyclone.

The auction will be held on Saturday 25 January 2014 at 18:00 at the Montez Atelier.

Virgilio A. Reyes, ambassador of the Philippines to Rome and the President of the Ducci Foundation will be present:

Host: Caterina Vertova
Auctioneer: Luciano Carnaroli
Solo cello: Rina You
Screening of “Maid” by Paul Alex Samaniego
(Winner of the “Lorenzo il Magnifico” award in the video art category at “The New Florence Biennale IX”)

The event is sponsored by the Department of Culture of the 4th Municipality of Rome Capital.
The proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Department of Social Welfare and Development ( )
The works of art donated by the artists will be exhibited from 18 to 24 January 2014 at the Atelier Montez in via di Pietralata 147 / a, 00158 Rome.

There will be the works of:

Hermann Nitsch, Claudio Meli, Francesco Astiaso Garcia, Baldo Diodato, Lele D’Alò, Turi Sottile, Alessandro Calizza, Luigi Montanarini, Gheorghi Miron, Alessio Fralleone, Hannu Palosuo, Giorgio Capogrossi, Cheikh Zidor, Gianni Cortellessa, Mirek Macke, Ottavio D’ Urso, Marco Eusepi, Cristiano Marco Quagliozzi Paolo, Berti, K. Galletti, Fabio Mariani, Lorenzo Romani, Niccolò Fano, Luigi Athos De Blasio, Dirk Baumanns, Laura Grispigni, Eva Moll, Lorenzo Gramaccia, Giulia Blasi, Claudio Sciascia, Petrucci Ivano, Elena Mariani, Jos Diegel, Michelangelo Prencipe, Diego Nocella, Kristina, Milakovic, Fabio Imperiale, Aleksandra Botic, Davide Cocozza, Roberto Cerrino, Flavia Dodi, Lolita Valderrama Savage, Richard, Gabriel, Andrea Cusumano, Heather Anne Arango, Salvatore Macrì, Marino Mimmy Festuccia, Waddo Alex Ambrosias, Paul Ambrosias, Samaniego, Osvaldo DE Grazia, Franco Losvizzero, Roberto Ferri.

The exhibition will be visible from the 18 – 24 January 2014

Opening hours: every day from 17:00 – 20:00 or by appointment.