Performance and solo exhibition by Davide Cocozza

* directly from SAVEBIENNALE Pescara (Biennial of Contemporary Art for a New World) the artists will also participate in the exhibition with their works of art;

Armando Di Nunzio (Sculpture and Performance);
Camilla Cattabriga (Photography);
Luisa Nieddu (Photography and Painting)
Enrico Miglio (Installation)
Nicolo ‘Colombaro (Graphic Art)
Pentagon Collective

PERFORMANCE: Thursday 8 March 2018 

“… A performance exhibition of action painting and digital art.
the artist first of all wants to express a concept dear to him, matured during the experience that made him become an art therapist. That is, that art lays bare, that each one through the support, the color, the sign and the other elements that distinguish the artistic action, such as the choice of subjects or the space where the same action takes place, are symptoms, expression, and true essence of the artist himself who through this operation reveals his form in purity, his pathologies, his troubles, his moods; unconscious languages, sometimes symbolic, such as dreams, internal worlds that speak to the artist or the visitor beyond the apparent vision of the works.
Which is a true emotional mirror of the artist.
It is therefore what truer form to present oneself to the revelation of the canvas if not totally naked, pure, real, stripped of layers of fabrics, which divide the skin, which take it away from the mirror.
Thus the artist slowly undresses in front of his model, also performing the same action, undresses, gains confidence. Only then, once naked, does the painting start from life, in this emotional whirlwind that lasts for an embrace.

The performance says the artist has two values, the second which he calls room wants to defend the contact and the poetry of the relationship between artist and model which has always been one of the recurring and intimate themes in the history of art. In this era in which new media and apps and social networks multiply contacts but make relationships ephemeral. The artist maintains the emotional tension with the represented subject. In this way the virtual space becomes a real room where you can experience the topical moment of the pictorial act. “

Directly from SAVEBIENNALE


To observe a sculpture you have to touch it.
Thus began my journey of inner dialogue with the sculptures I created.
From this sentence, from this idea, the connection between theater and sculpture, the two forms of art most dear to me.
With this journey I intend to lay bare some important passages of my life through memories and
re-enactments experienced during the realization of my works, passing from the present to the past and then to the
future through an unexpected encounter made of lights and shadows …
sheet This theater performance- sculptural develops through a dialogue between the actor and his works.
To do this I will need a dark condition to cast my shadow and that of the sculptures on
of a white cloth illuminated from behind.
Spectators will only see shadows and listen to music accompanying the
actor’s words .
I need them.

A lighthouse

Three pedestals about one meter high with a base of at least 30 * 30

Music box
The works presented will be:

Angelic stasis

Listen to me

I … change direction


Through images she is able to tell her own experience and the important people she met along the way, in the scenery of the places she loves. From 2014 he began to work in the world of photography, also making his first multimedia works. The first experiences with nude photographs date back to 2015. Camilla’s photographs frequently make use of natural lights, crowned by a synthetic and minimal style, attentive to the lines and geometries present in the frames. After attending the DAMS in Bologna he started the Experimental Center of Cinema in Rome, address photography.