Atelier Montez – Extreme Love Ritual

Participants: Vittoria Biasi, Erminia Palmieri,  L. Baldieri, T. Pertoso, Laura Grispigni, Valentina Rimauro (art therapy).

h. 18:30 Lidia Reghini from Pontremoli presents ‘Cannibali di Immagini’ (Ed. UniversItalia)

h. 19:00 IMAGINATION by Gio Montez (habitable installation).

h. 20:00 Dionysian banquet with red wine.

h. 21:30 BASSEBIANCHE frequency by Helena Velena (live white action) for voice, body & electric double bass.

… waiting for the DIONYSIA FESTIVAL (live set)

Synergistic connection with the inauguration of the Antonino Gaeta House of Futurist Art (Palermo)