Atelier Montez - it is MY CITY

The photographic art exhibition “It’s my city” opens to users  ,organized by Atelier Montez in collaboration  with the LUCIS IMAGO photo-club [FIAF Associate].

The initiative is  sponsored by the Lazio Region, the Department of Culture of  Rome Capital and by the IV Municipality of Rome.

The individual sensitivities,  emotions and reflections of the 14 participating photographers give  rise to a choral representation of the metropolis and its  surroundings, from the center to the suburbs.

The 14 artists involved, through their particular point of view  , inserted in a wider relational framework,  represent the city in its facets, in the multitude  of places and characters; a living organism that encompasses millions of different identities, cultures and territories in its  organs and arteries,  allowing an appreciable yet so varied and boundless imaginary. With  different photographic languages  the artists explore the environment of the city and  the humanity that populates it, inhabits it, crosses it.

The exhibition  aims to promote a photography bearer of artistic, documentary and sociological values  that can offer a  testimony not only of everyday life with its  complexities, contrasts and contradictions but also of  architectural geometries, artistic glimpses, fragments  of color, of the poetry that surrounds the capital.

Exhibiting: Paola Ascenzi, Giovanni Barrilà, Manfredi de Negri, Antonio Di Palo, Luigi Feliziani, Roberto Frisari, Livia Mazzani, Paolo Moruzzi, Massimo Lopez, Furio Mella, Rita Montanari, Cinzia Pizzoli, Roberto Principali, Raffaella Sabbatini.

Vernissage: 25 November 2017 h. 18:00

Presents at the exhibition Luigi Feliziani.