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Rome, Friday 17 March 2017 – “Less Mali than we are!” With these words by Fabrizio Di Mauro, co-ordinator of the “MENOMALI” project , with the patronage of the Embassy of Mali in Rome and in collaboration with Friends for Water Onlus, we launched the promotional and fundraising campaign for the humanitarian mission in Mali in 2017. Medical first aid, design and construction of water wells are the services that we have been making available for years to the most disadvantaged local villages thanks to the important work of Fabrizio and his team. The departure this year is scheduled for May 2017, so there is no time to waste.

Short and concise, how effective, the speech urges all those interested in believing in solidarity and (international) cooperation, projecting ourselves into a better world where We can make a difference. Fabrizio invites everyone to take part in the “Seeds for Africa” ​​event at theMontez Atelier in Rome, where
the results and protagonists of some of the missions and the incredible achievements will be presented through the photographic exhibition of two artists reached in the most disadvantaged villages. Scheduled at 18:00 is the presentation of the exhibition “I Seeds of Mali” by Elio Graziano: ” Seeds are a message, made up of 18 works, the purchase of each work is not only a contribution to the mission but is a sharing of what the project does: Sow a different possibility of growing together ”.

The evening will be enriched by the exposure of Giulia Rossi’s “Mali Terra Cruda” photographs taken during the “MenoMaliTrip2006” mission.
The photographs will be exhibited and put up for sale to document the work done and also to give the opportunity to those who wish to participate economically in the next mission. The proceeds of the evening will in fact be donated to finance, with the next mission “MenoMaliTrip2017”, the surgical activity and the
construction of some wells in Mali and Senegal, by Friends for Water Onlus.
At 20:00 symposium for the presentation of the associations, the all enlivened by the “SCARPETTATA” an African aperitif served in the Roman style, tasting a wine offered by Cantina Offida.
From 9.30 pm the initiative will continue with the performance of the master player of Cora from Senegal Badara Seck & the band Penc and the musical group Acustimantico Trio (Raffaella Micati, Marcello Durante and Stefano Scatozza); to follow Dj Set by Stefano Palena.

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Atelier Montez
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6pm “SEEDS FOR AFRICA” inauguration photo exhibition
7pm MALI MISSION 2017 – Presentation Symposium 8pm SCARPETTERIA
African aperitif served Roman style
9pm Master player Badara Seck & band
9.30pm Acustimantico Trio
10.30pm Dj Set Frank Debrís

“Many miss the concept that” cooperating “means working together: and to work together you need to have a minimum of mutual knowledge”

This sentence by Carlo Lotti in his Diary, “For a barrel of water” (Ed.Colombo), I believe summarizes in a few words what we have been trying to do for years with our Menomali project.

We are increasingly convinced that the real crux of the immigration problem consists in making life in the Sahelian villages sustainable, protecting and promoting basic rights (water, health and education), giving young people the opportunity not to abandon their roots to end up in some slams of big African or Western cities.

We will leave in May 2017 for Mali, and as always the mission is open to anyone who feels like “cooperating”.

We are looking for figures, professional and non-professional, who can benefit the mission, particularly in the health sector (medical specialists) but not only.

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