Atelier Montez - The Faces of Edmond

Welcome by Gio Montez

Presentation of the artist friend Francesco Astiaso Garcia

With the participation of Dr. Serena Di Giovanni, art critic.


Extemporaneous by Edmond Dhrami on the street, in the external courtyard in via di Pietralata 147. The artist will build a hedge of vines with oil painting, thus giving body to the wonderful exotic garden of his imagination.

Extract from the speech by Serena Di Giovanni:

“The self-portraits, made from 1992 to today, illustrate a path: the ‘post-impressionist’ inclinations of the first works, built with a pasty and energetic brushstroke, gradually give way to an abstraction of forms, to the loss of the natural and the figurative to the advantage of an almost expressionist language, more conceptual, built through color. Technical experimentation goes hand in hand with content experimentation. His portraits, freed from a mere representation of the natural to turn towards increasingly rarefied forms, become, in this specific context, the construction of an emotional but concrete space, visible on the street: a tangible, physical ‘exotic garden of fantasy’. real.”

Vernissage: Friday 22 April 2018 h.18:00 

Exhibition open from 22.04.2016 to the 08.05.2016 from Thursday to Sunday h.18:00 – 20:30