Adopt an Artist: contribute to the survival of art

Adopting an artist is a gesture of solidarity in defense of beauty and people. Make the “adopt an artist” donation to support the be**pART project. In this way you will allow your favorite Independent Producer to immediately perceive an economic and moral contribution for the artistic work done from home in the months of the lockdown.

How is an Adoption made?

To adopt an artist you have two possibilities:

  1. You can adopt your favorite artist directly on the be**pART web platform

2. You can choose one of the 6 Digital Adoption Kits made available by Atelier Montez

What are digital adoption kits?

We have created six different digital adoption kits differentiating the independent producers Be ** pART on the basis of the declared art coefficient . Decide the amount to donate to support the Be ** pART project; then choose the Digital Adoption Kit of the corresponding value and make the donation online with Paypal or Credit Card. After making the donation, you will receive your Digital Adoption kit by email.

Each Digital Adoption Kit contains:

  • 1 Adoption Certificate
    The adoption certificate is an adoption receipt showing the donor’s references, the time, date and amount of the donation made.
  • 1 Certificate of acquisition of a work of art
    The certificate of acquisition recognises the donor the right of ownership of an available work of art from the Be ** pART collection
  • Your name in the “Wall of Fame”
    wall of fame is the section of thanks to the supporters printed on the back cover of the Be ** pART catalog

The 6 Digital Adoption Kits:

  1. SUPPORTER KIT  Digital adoption kit – Artistic coefficient between 0.1 and 0.3
  2. ESTIMATOR KIT Digital adoption kit – Artistic coefficient between 0.4 and 0.6
  3. PATRON KIT Digital adoption kit – Artistic coefficient between 0.7 and 0.9
  4. MAECENAS KIT Digital adoption kit – Artistic coefficient between 1 and 1.5
  5. VISIONARY KIT Digital adoption kit  – Artistic coefficient between 1.6 and 2
  6. ANGEL INVESTOR KIT Digital adoption kit – Artistic coefficient > of 2

When will I be able to receive my Adoption Kit?

Make the “adopt an artist” donation and immediately receive the Digital Adoption Kit via email. When the Covid-19 pandemic is over, you can come and visit the exhibition and personally collect your work of art at the Montez Atelier, or alternatively you can comfortably request it to be shipped to your home. Choose from one of the available works created by your favorite artist or choose from one of the works of art from the be ** pART collection of the same value range.

IMPORTANT! We will open to the public be ** pART – the biggest collective art exhibition ever! only after the Covid-19 emergency has been overcome and in any case after the related be ** pART catalog has been published. We will then deliver the works of art to the new owners in order of pre-emption, or following in chronological order the list of supporters who have made the donation “adopt an artist”.


Visit the profile of 1500 Independent Producers be ** pART , read their stories and admire the 45 thousand unpublished works of art produced during the lockdown by consulting the digital register on the be ** pART web platform. You can adopt your favorite artist by pressing the “adopt” button directly from its Independent Producer profile be ** pART; leave your name and your email address to make the donation of the corresponding amount and receive your Digital Adoption Kit by email.

Among the most eminent artists who have joined the be ** pART project are: Hermann Nitsch , Michele Cossyro , Turi Sottile , Dirk Baumanns , Isaac Aden , Römer & Römer , Lamberto Correggiari. Special thanks go to the curators Marcella Magaletti, Renata Paluch, Scilla Maris, Solveig Font Martinez and to the be ** pART ambassadors Kristina Milakovic , Kaey Art , Akira Zakamoto , Jos Diegel , Paolo Berti , Valentina Rimauro , Cheick Zidor , Marco Crispano, Shereen Badr , Marilena Iepan , Alida Oddo , Georgiy Melnikov , Fiorentina De Biasi , Sophia Mix ,, Davide Cocozza , collaborations those who have contributed significantly to spreading the b ** Part initiative in the five continents of the planet.