Atelier Montez - HAITI MON AMOUR

” The paintings in this exhibition are extremely beautiful, surprising, new to our perceptive habits.
In reality the works we see on this occasion are not very recent but, on the contrary, they document a phase of artistic activity in Haiti that dates back to about twenty years ago, therefore still in the twentieth century.
Fresh spontaneity, deliberately naive and a sense of the construction and meaning of the work of art.
Above all, the very elegant geometries with which the images are embedded in many of these works should be noted, think figuratively but conceptually almost abstract in the formulation of the images themselves. Joints, superimpositions, decompositions are scattered with both hands in these works together with some explicit or cryptic quotations from the immense patrimony of the figurative culture of the European twentieth century, as in certain evident shots from the Picasso and Cubist world.
The result is a panorama destined to create attention and convinced involvement on the part of both a cultured and refined public, and on the part of an audience of simple enthusiasts who discover in this art a very particular point of view in the context of the production of our time.
This is the typical attitude of those who feel totally immersed in their own tradition and at the same time want to dialogue closely with the most advanced and even irreverent experiences that have flourished for a hundred years now around the historical avant-gardes and the countless returns and recoveries that ours era has known. A sort of intrinsic youth, of a happy desire to present oneself to the world and to make art, transpires from each of these works.
It is to be hoped, therefore, that the vision of these works will lead to a better real knowledge of those traditions that have not a little to teach to the pure cultured Europe, soliciting reflections and discoveries capable of broadening our aesthetic interests, a task that is the main part of the ‘art in itself, in every era and in every region.”

The President of the Ducci Foundation, Paolo Ducci, welcomes the Art Critic Claudio Strinati.

Vernissage: Sunday 23 December 2012 hours 19:00