YongXu Wang solo show at Atelier Montez

霧 (fog)

On Wednesday 26 October 2023 at 6.00 pm, Wang Yongxu‘s solo exhibition entitled 霧 (fog) will be inaugurated at Atelier Montez. The show is curated by Gio Montez and organised in collaboration with AAIE Center for Contemporary Art. The exhibition will last until December 15th.
Wang Yongxu is an artist born in the 1980s whose works explore the depth of human existence and the complexity of collective consciousness. He is deeply interested in individual and collective historical memory, reflecting on the profound connection between life and destruction, revealing the philosophical implications of this duality.

In the fog there is always something hidden behind …
(Yongxu Wang)

between Materialism & Existensialism

Inspired by materialist and existentialist philosophies, Wang Yongxu explores the nature of existence through his chosen medium. He uses composite and found materials such as concrete, stone, sand, steel and screws to subtly demonstrate the interplay between form and substance.
In his artistic practice, Wang Yongxu uses art as a vehicle for deep introspection and intellectual exploration. Through his thought-provoking creations, he invites viewers to consider their own existence, the fragility of life, and the complex interrelationship between individuals and their surroundings.

the exhibition

In this exhibition, some of the exhibited installation works were revealed to the public for the first time in Rome, including the artwork “Stupa” “For those who sing”; “treatment”. . . Some paintings are also included.

Open to public from Monday to Friday h15:00-20:00 at Atelier Montez.