Atelier Montez - TARATA TATA TATA

Whole different music (Atelier Montez, Rome)
Each participating artist produces a work of art by interacting with a frescoed piano keyboard along the entire exhibition surface, starting the “Montez-130912” series.

Graziano Cecchini | Luca Minadeo | Jessica De Marinis | Liviana Baldini | Aly Ostovar | Giulia Zincone | Antonella Cugusi | Valerio Corvisieri | Alessandro Di Fraia | Davide Spaziani | Piero Mottola | Federica De Rossi | Giacomo Capogrossi | Jacopo Rossi | Ivano Petrucci | Ester Ciammetti | Giorgio Montez | Samantha Passaniti | Claudio Meli | Roberto Cerrino | Filippo De Lisa | Alessandra Piccione | Eduardo Andriani | Triolé | Jumpin Garlic Orkestra | Leda Mazzariello | Francesco Perri | Ryan Leverenz-Mompellio.

LiveSet: 8var Agnese Garusi (Sax), Adriano Matkovich (Bass)


Accademia in campo (Fine Arts Academy of Rome)
Symposium: the production system and the works of the “Montez-130912” series 20 September 2012 at 19:00 at Campo Boario


Artists on the move (Civic Museum, Bracciano)
The “Montez-130912” series on display at the Civic Museum of Bracciano. The columns of the Cloister of the Augustinians are rethought and incorporated into the exhibition to represent the piano keyboard. Thanks to the curating action of the “ART & Ground” Association of Manziana, some new artists join the project by producing other works to be exhibited at the Civic museum that harmonize with those already existing and become part of Montez collection.


Vernissage: Thursday 13 September 2012 at 19:00

The exhibition will be visible from the 13 September – 13 October  2012

Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday 18:00 – 21:00 or by appointment.