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Atelier Montez presents the art review “Sinestetica Montez” by scheduling an art exhibition every two weeks throughout the year 2024.
The review is promoted by Atelier Montez with the sponsor of the innovative startup ARTup s.r.l. which offers all participating artists the free calculation of the artist coefficient and the algorithmic quotation of the artworks on display.

This time too, the curator Marcella Magaletti and the artistic director Gio Montez put forward a truly obsolete proposal: the selected artists will have to create a 360° synaesthetic and engaging experience for fruitors, working with very large-format artworks, spatial concepts, experiential devices and installations to create real environments. There will certainly be no shortage of artworks on display, which will however be “seasoned” with interior design and a musical selection, with a menu for the dinner and mixology recipes or rather with a dress code or an aromatic vaporiser… In short, the visitors they can expect various surprises that will transform the usual vernissage into an authentic Happening.

In the Atelier Montez art becomes a lifestyle. The synesthetic experience is designed by the artist down to the smallest details so that the visual suggestions relate to the environment and to the olfactory and gustatory stimuli, involving the participants in the artist’s particular imaginative universe and in the immediate understanding of the contemporary artistic experience.

The Sinestetica Montez happenings are relational experiments designed by the artists to generate a stronger and more complex visual experience, so to speak an “augmented experience” with the aim of achieving and sharing with fruitors a better understanding of aesthetics and of contemporary art. The main artistic objective of the exhibition is to increase the engagement of local communities and the sense of belonging to the ARTup Community, stimulating in users both a cognitive-morphological reaction and a proactive critical reflection thanks to participation, mediated and immediate, to the artistic phenomenon and to the community.