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concept: sinestetica

Atelier Montez organises a contemporary art review scheduling meetings every two weeks throughout the year 2024.

These happenings are collective experiments in relational aesthetics entirely designed by the artists to penetrate more deeply into the understanding of aesthetics and contemporary art, in order to generate a stronger and more complex visual experience, so to speak an “augmented experience”. The main artistic objective of the exhibition is to increase engagement and the sense of belonging to the art community, stimulating proactive and cognitive-morphological critical reflection in the user through simultaneous mediated and immediate participation in the artistic phenomenon.

a truly unusual proposal

The curator Marcella Magaletti and the Artistic Director Gio Montez put forward a truly unusual proposal: the selected artists will have to create a 360° synaesthetic experience for the fruitors. The environmental experience is therefore designed up to the smallest detail so that the visual suggestions relate to the experience and to the olfactory and gustatory stimuli involving participants in the artist’s imaginative universe.


The happenings will take place in two different locations:
Atelier Montez & Residenz Montez

establishing shot
establishing shot

Atelier Montez is the contemporary art factory directed by Gio Montez which was born from the regeneration of an urban wreck in the historic outskirts of Rome-Pietralata in 2012. It is nowadays a renowned dynamic exhibition hall for visual arts and performative arts. 

Residenz Montez is the private residence for guests and artists who exhibit in Atelier Montez. The loft, once known as Officine Nove, has been transformed by Montez into an innovative performative space, a sort of shared living room where the protagonists of the Roman artistic scene meet and enjoy life together.

art as a lifestyle

The environmental concepts designed by the artists shape and give place to the synesthetical experiences of the fruitors, expanding the perception and comprehension of the contemporary artistic phenomena. There will certainly be no shortage of artworks on display, which will however be “seasoned” with the interior design, the musical selection, the tasting menu, the mixology recipes, the dress code and various other surprises.
In Atelier Montez art becomes a lifestyle.

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