Art review: Sinestetica Montez 2024

Atelier Montez organises a contemporary art review scheduling meetings every two weeks throughout the year 2024.

These happenings are collective experiments in relational aesthetics entirely designed by the artists to penetrate more deeply into the understanding of aesthetics and contemporary art, in order to generate a stronger and more complex visual experience, so to speak an “augmented experience”. The main artistic objective of the exhibition is to increase engagement and the sense of belonging to the art community, stimulating proactive and cognitive-morphological critical reflection in the user through simultaneous mediated and immediate participation in the artistic phenomenon.

The artistic director of the exhibition is Gio Montez and the curator is Marcella Magaletti.


a concept by artist Antonio Schiavi

Saturday 20.04.2024

6.00 p.m. – Welcome
7.00 p.m. –  Vernissage
Welcome by Gio Montez
Critical Introduction by Marcella Magaletti
Antonio Schiavi performance, danced by Camilla Cuva and Valentina Leoni
8.00 p.m. – Aperitif
Black and White Russian
Caviar and mayo canapé
Egg in oyster sauce with poppy seeds
Tète-a-tète bufalina and black olives

“Antonio Schiavi’s work takes up the futurist photodynamism of Anton Giulio Bragaglia who aimed to enclose the entire movement in a single frame” cit. Marcella Magaletti


Photography by Dimitri D’Aloisio

The exhibition can be visited from 21.4.2024 to 3.5.2024,from Monday to Friday, from 3.00pm to 8.00pm or by appointment 

Photography by Dimitri D’Aloisio

Dancers: Camilla Cuva and Valentina Leoni


Photography by Dimitri D’Aloisio

Videomaker: Izzy RH