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a concept by artist Rodolfo Riga

an historical perspective on the artist’s community inhabiting Pietralata District

Saturday 13.01.2024

6.00pm – Artist’s aperitif @ Atelier Montez
Wine of honor and junk

7.30pm – Vernissage @ Atelier Montez
Welcome by Gio Montez
Critical introduction by Marcella Magaletti
Artworks by Rodolfo Riga

8.00pm – Visit @ Atelier Riga

9.00pm – Dinner @ Residenz Montez
Tasting menu: 4 TRIBUTES

Four-leaf clover salad
Spinach, Romaine lettuce, rocket, dandelion, walnuts, julienne carrots, pomegranate and parmesan flakes

Rigatoni 4 Seasons
Fried rigatoni with Tropea onions, Romanesca courgettes, yellow datterino tomatoes and dried grapes

Smoked Provola & Speck
Melted smoked provolone served on a black board with speck on the side

Cantuccino and Benedetto from Ronco Calino

The “4 Tributes” menu created by the artist Rodolfo Riga is divided into four courses: appetizer, first course, second course and dessert; each course is a tribute to an artist friend with whom Riga spent time in the ateliers on via di Pietralata. Thus the appetizer is dedicated to Pietro Fortuna; the first course is dedicated to Rodolfo Riga; the second course to Gio Montez and the dessert to Benedetto Simonelli.

Cost: €30/person
(reservation required, for info: [email protected] or per
Tel. Segreteria  +39 (06) 5404173)