Collective TEArapy

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Art review: Sinestetica Montez 2024

Atelier Montez organises a contemporary art review scheduling meetings every two weeks throughout the year 2024.

These happenings are collective experiments in relational aesthetics entirely designed by the artists to penetrate more deeply into the understanding of aesthetics and contemporary art, in order to generate a stronger and more complex visual experience, so to speak an “augmented experience”. The main artistic objective of the exhibition is to increase engagement and the sense of belonging to the art community, stimulating proactive and cognitive-morphological critical reflection in the user through simultaneous mediated and immediate participation in the artistic phenomenon.

The artistic director of the exhibition is Gio Montez and the curator is Marcella Magaletti.

“Collective TEArapy”
a synesthetic concept by artist Gio Montez

h 18:00 – Accoglienza & Black Tea
h19:00 – Vernissage
Benvenuto di Gio Montez
Introduzione critica di Marcella Magaletti
h19:30 – Collective Tearapy
h20:30 – Aperitivo al Nero D’Avola
h21:00 – Dinner
Menu degustazione: ALL BLACKS 
*Cuttlefish Tartare Delicious
tartare di seppiolina frasca coi licis
*Rise in black
Risotto al nero di seppia
*Kairòs Kaulos
frullato di cavolo nero, rucola, spolverata di curcuma, menta piperita, latte di cocco, cedro.
*Dark Pepita
Rum scuro servito con un lingotto di cioccolato fondente
The “ALL BLACKS” tasting menu created by the artist Gio Montez is divided into four courses: appetizer, first course, second course and dessert; All Blacks involves the use of ‘magic’ ingredients which since ancient times have had purifying, healthy and beneficial connotations for the human organism.
All courses are poetically inspired by the non-colour black, a central aspect of the collective artistic experience proposed by Gio Montez.
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The exhibition will be open to visitors on the days and opening hours of Atelier Montez, between 10.02.24 and 23.02.24 between 3pm and 8pm or by appointment.

Curatela: Marcella Magaletti
Kitchen: Rosalinda Guarini
Videomaker: Izzy Rh

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